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Frequently Asked Questions… sort of

If you browse other entertainment websites, you’ll see all the common questions. “Will my DJ be exclusive for my event so its not overbooked?” “Will he wear professional attire?” “He will he play my requests?” Of course we will! (Who would answer otherwise?)

Rather than answer what you already know about us, we thought it’d be best to let our brides answer for us.

Will my DJ help plan & coordinate the wedding?
“I liked, no.. loved that I didn’t have to worry about anything and [my DJ] made everything run so smoothly!” –Austin and Alessandra

“We loved how [our DJ] kept us informed about everything. He checked with us before doing things. He was a lot of fun…everyone had a great time, he kept everything flowing smoothly.” –Ryan and Stephanie

“I am definately not a music buff, but having samples of music on hand [at the planning meeting] was great! It made decision-making much easier.” –Brian and Giffe

“That I was able to contact him frequently by email and the telephone with a quick reply and that we meet face to face for my final consultation. My DJ also made sure that I didn’t need to worry about coordinating schedules with the hotel, that he would make all the necessary phone calls.” –Renee


Will your DJ be interactive without being cheesy or “stealing the spotlight?”
“[Our DJ] really got our guests involved! He also really got the attention on us, when we danced, cut the cake, etc..” –Bill and Ashley

“…I also like the fact that you engaged the audience but did not take over…” –Rob and Ashley


Various companies told me that they go above and beyond our expectations. How do you do this?
“[Our DJ] asked if we needed anything during dinner, and even got the drinks for us, which isn’t even his job, but whatever it takes to make our night perfect he is willing to do.” –Kristy

“[Our DJ] was amazing! He totally went out of his way all night long! He even helped us get our food!” –Brittany

“After [bride and groom] showing up over half an hour late because of our limo not showing up, I was very stressed. [Our DJ] managed to keep our guests completely entertained to the point that they really did not even know we were late. Once we arrived, he altered our scheduled, only after okaying it with us first, and managed to still fit in all of our important events into the night. Several guests commented on how smooth the event went.” –Russel & Tiffany

“[Our DJ] provided ‘dance lessons!’ They were great! … They [kids] had so much fun with the glo-sticks. … They even took pictures when the photographers [photographers were NOT KC Enterprises] disappeared! Above and beyond expectations!” — José & Mary


How would you describe your DJs?
“DJ was extremely professional (personality and dress) and bright.” –Joane

“[Our DJ] is totally spectacular: kind, considerate, and a tremendous asset to your company.” –Martha

“Great!” –Lucille

“Very professional!” –Michelle

“Cheerful and very corteous” –Debra

“He was professional and yet funny.” –Betsy

“…puts the customers’ wishes as the priority. Has great suggestions to make the evening flow well.” –Michelle


How does our DJ program the music to enhance the night?
“The flow of music.. everyone enjoyed it!” –Amy

“We really enjoyed his style! His variety of music and his mixes were excellent!” –Hilka

“Music was excellent, with a big variety.” –Jenny


If I hire you, how will my evening go?
“The service you provided was great! I am so impressed with his level of formality that highlighted the event. His professionalism carried over onto the guests and left a remaining sense of class. I loved our DJ’s professionalism, his way of being classy, hip, and playing music like it. The wedding itself had a nice flow and was well thought out because he knew what he was doing. I liked his sense of humor and fun-loving personality, which was contagious with the songs and to the guests.” –Andrew & Vicky

“You kept everyone involved, dancing, having fun. Definitely a home run, perfect job, extremely helpful! Didn’t even need a wedding director at the reception. You guys took control and did an awesome job!” — Clay & Chrystal

“He walked us through every step of the evening, played great music, played all the songs that we wanted, worked with our other vendors, and addressed all of our concerns.” –Bryan


So…. Should I Hire A Premier Entertainment?
“If you don’t, you will regret it. I don’t believe many others can perform like A Premier [Entertainment]….” –Bill and Ashley

“A Premier Entertainment totally set the tone for our wedding reception. It was fun, but tasteful. You involved everyone, but we never felt like you were taking the spotlight away from [the bride and groom]. All of the little extras you did made it so personal and above all… the music was set at a perfect level to enjoy.” –Rob and Ashley

“Do it! They are worth every penny! From beginning to end [they] all go out of [their] way!” –Brittany

“Go for it! They are worth every penny! Not only are the DJs professional for your event, but in the weeks and months loading up to your event they will help you through.

“No other company will compare to this one. I would say if you want one less thing to have to worry about on your wedding day definitely go with A Premier Entertainment because they won’t let you down and can take control if needed. ” –Russel and Tiffany

“Sign with them before it’s too late! A Premier Entertainment was focused on us and out needs 100%. We couldnt’ have been happier with their service. You are sure to dance all night!” — José & Mary

“Go for it! You really can’t go wrong! Just tell ’em what you want and they will make it happen!” Andrew & Vicky

“They were awesome! The crowd loved them and if I could do it all over I’d hire them again. They were the most reliable people I hired and I never had to worry.” — Kristi

“Well, duh.” –Tiffany

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